What I love about being a psychologist…

This week marks the ninth year that I have been a Psychologist in private practice! Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking I’m some kind of “Doogie Howser!” I was fortunate to study and train as a Clinical Psychologist directly after finishing high school. It included five years of full time study, a one year internship and one year of community service. It has been an incredible journey and I’ve learnt many lessons along the way, not only as a therapist, but also about how to run a business. I’m privileged to be in a career where you never stop learning, where each day is never the same.

Nicky Abdinor

What I love about being a psychologist…

  • I can connect with a diverse group of people. People who may never have  crossed my path if I were not a therapist.
  • I never stop learning. As a therapist, there’s no point when you know everything – you’re continually growing and learning about yourself, people and the world.
  • No day is ever the same. No session is ever the same.
  • When I meet someone new outside of work, they are normally intrigued by what I do. This has it’s pros and cons!  Sometimes I am tempted to answer “Data Capturer” to avoid the standard questions: “Can you read minds?” or “Are you analysing me now?” Scroll down this post for the answers…
  • I learn every day about what is really important. Too often, we are engrossed in the “small stuff,” forgetting the magnitude of what some are faced with.
  • I know all the “secrets” of being a good communicator – skills we all can implement in our daily lives to improve our relationships (empathy and listening are most important).
  • My role is a positive one. Yes, therapy can sometimes be painful or difficult, but my job is to empower people with skills and new perspectives, to help them become their own therapists. I get to make people feel better – I realise that this statement may open up some debate from the analysts!

I am fortunate to love what I do. Even more so, I have the opportunity to work with people one-on-one in therapy or in a larger audience, using my personal story and therapeutic skills to inspire audiences as a professional speaker. Over the last nine years, I have learnt about the privilege I have earned for people to trust me with their stories. I have learnt about the importance of self-care, boundaries and making sure that the last person who I see in the day, receives as much energy, interest and respect as the first.

The answers to the questions:

No, I’m not psychic.

Yes, we’re always analysing you 😉