I’m Speaking at Tedx Table Mountain

As a speaker, I’ve always wanted the chance to give a Ted talk. I’ve never attended a Tedx event before, but have often listened via live streaming and followed the tweets which make you realise you missed out on meeting incredible agents of change, hearing great ideas and being inspired to take action! This Saturday 16 November 2013, Tedx Table Mountain is hosting its next event in Long Street, Cape Town. The theme is “Exploring the Edge” and I’ll be one of the speakers.

 Tedx Table Mountain

I spotted the application for speakers by chance on my Facebook timeline and applied. Since being selected, the speakers have met up with the Tedx Table Mountain team a few times for information sessions and speaker workshops. Most speakers will get 12 minutes each, which is quite a challenge when you’re used to a 45 minute keynote slot!  It’s taught me to be more precise about I want to say (which means I need to write out my speech) and I’ve enjoyed having input from friends, speakers and coaches.

Tickets are on sale – they are limited to 100 guests – and it promises to be a day of inspiration!

Tedx Table Mountain Team 2012

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  1. Our Tedx speeches will be released soon, so I will share the link as soon as it is up!

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