Nicky’s Drive

Nicky Abdinor is the Founder and Chairperson of Nicky’s Drive, a registered non-profit organization (086-364-NPO) based in South Africa. She is a Clinical Psychologist, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Disability Activist.Nicky was born without arms and shortened legs, a physical disability that had no medical explanation. She believes supportive parents, a determined personality and inclusion in mainstream education were key factors in overcoming her physical limitations.

Nicky drives a specially adapted vehicle that was donated to her from the United Kingdom in 2001. The sophisticated technology enables her to drive using only her right shoulder and foot! The mobility and independence that driving has given Nicky, motivated her to found Nicky’s Drive to help fund car adaptations for people with disabilities.

The lack of accessible public transport is one of the greatest barriers to the employment of people with disabilities in South Africa. The ability to drive a modified car provides more than the freedom that we so often take for granted. It enables people with disabilities to develop their self-confidence, gain better access to education and work opportunities and make a valuable contribution to society through their work and family life.

Nicky’s Drive is proud to have supported a number of South Africans in gaining their mobility and independence

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